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Flybotix ASIO Pro


With up to 24 minutes flight time, the Flybotix ASIO Pro is the perfect solution for your confined space inspections. A 4K and radiometric infrared cameras, ensures GPS free stability in a confined space, offering wall and ground-lock stabilization. The ASIO Explore post-processing app provides accurate 3D map generation, POI localization, real temperature monitoring and custom report generation. 


  • 24 mins flight time

  • Super bright oblique lighting

  • +/- 90 degree camera gimbal range

  • Remote FHD live stream

  • GPS free stabilization

  • Obstacle repulsion

  • Rewind flight path

  • Photogrammetry mode

  • 3D map generation

  • POI localization

  • Custom report generation

Visit ASIO Drone Inspection for Confined spaces ( for full specifications

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