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Aurelia X8

Aurelia X8
Close up for Aurelia X8

With a large payload bay, the Aurelia X8 designed for professional and industrial use, features unbeatable versatility for a wide range of payloads, and is capable of carrying up to 11kg. 

The Aurelia X8 is delivered ready to fly out of the box with minimal setup required. Just install your payload and take it to the skies.  


  • 50 mins flight time

  • 5 km flight range

  • 32 kmh wind resistance

  • 56 kmh maximum flight speed

  • 6.8 / 11.4 kg weight with batteries

  • 11 kg payload capacity

  • <25 kg MTOW limit

  • LiDAR rangefinder

  • Open-source Pixhawk flight controller

Visit Aurelia X8 MAX – Aurelia Aerospace ( for full specifications

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