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Aurelia X6

Aurelia X6
Lifting with Aurelia X6

The Aurelia X6 is an industry-leading flight time drone in its category. Packed with features, the highest quality components, and built with common hardware parts from our custom-made carbon-fiber frame, motors, and propellers. The X6 platform is suitable for those looking for a larger payload base and/or a larger payload capacity, with an empty weight flight time capacity of up to 70 minutes.

The Aurelia X6 can be modified by Aurelia Aerospace to meet any customization requirements. 


  • 30 mins / 45 mins flight time

  • 5 km flight range

  • 32 kmh wind resistance

  • 56 kmh maximum flight speed

  • 6.7 / 7.2 kg weight with batteries

  • 5 kg payload capacity

  • 270 / 430 mm payload clearance

  • LiDAR rangefinder

  • Open-source Pixhawk flight controller

Visit Aurelia X6 Series – Aurelia Aerospace ( for full specifications

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